Establishing a relationship built on trust is essential when it comes to cyber security. Whether the need is urgent, pressing or longer term, trust cements success.

It is your business strategy that determines your cyber strategy, not the other way around

A cyber strategy is designed to protect your assets and your business. Our consultants work towards this goal. At CAP, we focus on security as a support to your business strategy. This allows us to listen to your business environment and tailor our approach to meet the real needs of your company and reflect the vision of its leaders.

All our consultants have more than 5 years' experience in the field

Our positioning allows us to provide you with the highest level of expertise and experience in often complex contexts. We supply only experienced consultants, who are fully qualified to perform the services that you entrust us with providing. They have all experienced the situations you are going to face many times. They all bring with them the guarantee that they have delivered results in contexts and situations similar to yours.

 We base ourselves on internationally recognised, durable and transferable reference systems and tools

Our work is based on well-known reference systems to facilitate assimilation into your different departments. This also guarantees the durability of deliverables operated by any internal member of staff or any external third party. CAP consultants are certified in the most sought-after and demanding cyber sectors.


Delivering results is our priority

At CAP, we obtain results. We pay particular attention to ensuring that our products are workable, profitable, measurable and transferable.

They already trusted CAP consultants